WEIRDLAND: Miles Teller & Shailene Woodley in "Adrift", Lizard King & Snow Queen (Jim Morrison & Pamela)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Miles Teller & Shailene Woodley in "Adrift", Lizard King & Snow Queen (Jim Morrison & Pamela)

On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that a new movie starring Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller may be happening, which would make it the fifth movie that the talented twosome have starred in together. The movie is a survival thriller called Adrift, and is based on the true story of a woman who sets off on a sailing trip to Tahiti with her fiancé, only to find themselves stuck in a perilous storm with their boat in ruins. Teller is reportedly currently in negotiations to star in Adrift, but if he is confirmed for the movie, then it would certainly mark Teller and Woodley as Hollywood's newest power acting duo.

In fact, considering that they starred together in three movies from the Divergent series, as well as The Spectacular Now, they're definitely well on their way to becoming acting partnership royalty. I'm talking, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, or Julia Roberts and George Clooney. They've totally got that vibe happening, people. And, funnily enough, it's something that Woodley has even acknowledged as a goal in the past. Clearly, the two actors have a lot of respect for each other professionally, but Teller and Woodley's friendship has also been evident for a long time, making such an acting partnership between the two feel powerful. These two are bound to be unstoppable. Source:

The unseen future is coming. Sutter Keely should be graduating, if he can get his act together. He's a hit with the ladies, has tons of friends and even more funny quips for every occasion. He's adored but he's saddled with a not-so-secret problem: Nearly every moment Sutter is holding a flask, or some other booze receptacle. After a crazy-long bender the night before, he wakes up on the front lawn of Aimee Finicky's home. Sparks fly between a way-cool dude and the bookish (hippie) gal. She's definitely into him. As Sutter flirts, he entangles himself in her life, but the post-high school world is quickly approaching. He only lives for moment, the spectacular now… Miles Teller as the nerdiest bad boy ever — As Sutter, Teller's endless amount of swagger is intoxicating. The way he imbues this teen with insecurity though is new territory. Sutter is ultimately his own bully. As Aimee, Woodley's the ultimate dream girl mainly because she doesn't realize how awesome she is: Adorable! Source:

Pamela Courson's world was seriously shaken when she met Jim Morrison in 1965. Three years after, in the summer of 1968, Jim Morrison had become the acclaimed 'bad-boy' of The Doors, who after playing the Hollywood Bowl, went on the road again: Dallas, Honololu, New York. Arriving to the Big Apple, Morrison snapped at hearing his redhead sweetheart had been seen with another guy — word got around to Jim that she was incensed about his new public desirability. “You’d better get your ass out to New York, I miss you,” he'd growled into the phone. She was being deliberately stubborn, he reasoned.

Morrison had felt somehow forced to sleep with photo-journalist Gloria Stavers, and to have furtive sex with star-struck groupies. While in Los Angeles Pam ruminated to her best friend Diane Gardiner: "He's the one all the girls want, and yet he says he doesn't love any of the girls, but me. All his friends wanted me, but I only wanted him." Diane would comment about Pamela: “Pam was one of the funniest people I ever met. She was beautiful, she looked like the Snow Queen and yet she did things like collect Lugers. She had a vicious sense of humor. She loved travel because she said you never had to think about it. She was the most dangerous girl I ever met. After Jim died, we were both just out of our heads, we would go to Tijuana and get crazy. We’d go down to Rosarita Beach and drink everything in sight.” Men fell in love with Pam because she seemed to need to be protected. And Jim Morrison tried to protect her, despite of his own self-destructive ways.

"I hate to tell you this but I see no lasting energy in the truth," Jim Morrison would state in 1969: "I think most rock musicians and singers really do enjoy what they're doing. I think what screws it up is the surrounding bullshit that's laid on them by the press, the gossip columnists and fan magazines... all of a sudden everyone's laying all this extraneous bullshit on his trip. So he starts to doubt his motivation. There's always a group that for whatever reasons they just jangle the sensibilities. So you feel a little sense of shame and frustration about what you are doing. It's really too bad."

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