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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mr. Robot "I forgot to remember to forget"

 During New York Comic Con, Rami Malek and Christian Slater talked about what it was like to get into the mind of a man in deep psychosis, and how doing so was so crucial.

"As much research as I did on hacker culture and trying to identify with that, I did way more on the psychological aspect of that: mental health, mental illness," Malek told WhoSay. "As technically accurate as we are with all the computer stuff, we wanted to be as accurate with the illness and the emotions." "It takes away that sense and feeling of being alone," Slater explained. "That's another responsibility of our industry, to shed light on certain things and expose it and just remind people that [they're] not unusual." People go through things. You're not alone. "Everybody is still trying to achieve something for better or worse, to try to persevere, to be as hopeful as they can," Malek said. "Hopefully this show gives everybody more of the power to do that." Source:

When it comes to character arcs, some of the interesting developments we are going to see are going to be with Portia, who plays Angela. “At some point I felt I was almost making a different movie,” said Doubleday. “It’s fun to play a character that is corrupted so slowly.” The character of Angela has definitely gone in a new direction.

Rami Malek explained that with Elliot, “His major struggle is that he’s alone in life and just wants to connect with human beings.” We expect to see that as a continuing theme in season two. In some ways, Angela and Elliot’s stories parallel each other. Both want to connect with others and are corrupted in different ways. Angela wants to become part of society while Elliot wants to destroy it. Source:

Rami Malek ("Real Wild Child") video. Songs "Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues" & "I'm gonna love you too" by Buddy Holly, "Real Wild Child" by Iggy Pop and "I forgot to remember to forget" by Elvis Presley.

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