WEIRDLAND: Heath Ledger impressed Christopher Plummer

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heath Ledger impressed Christopher Plummer

"Plummer has projects of passion. Like when he finally played Prospero on stage and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which reunited him with Terry Gilliam."He's always been slightly guilty of putting too many characters in his movies and too many subplots and then you can't find the people that you want to root for, the people you're supposed to be watching. And in this one, he didn't. I think he's captured the Gilliam magic again."

In turn, a slightly breathless Gilliam admits: “I was so delighted Christopher said yes".
“Parnassus is like Prospero in The Tempest; it's like King Lear. It's got this range. Parnassus is a man with incredible dignity and believability but I always suspected he was lying through the whole thing. I think that's why he liked Tony [Heath Ledger], as he could identify with him as a young man”."Filming around old London lent an authenticity to the production but it wasn't easy", Plummer says.

“We all came down with pneumonia, including Heath, but at least I was wearing huge robes. Heath was in this thin shirt".
"We would shoot from 10 o'clock or midnight, when all the damp gets in. It didn't help Heath at all.”Ledger impressed the veteran of the stage and screen.

“Heath was quite courageous for someone that young. He was bright; he didn't care about the money. He just wanted to do something because it was interesting and it would stretch him and make him more versatile as an actor.”

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