WEIRDLAND: Sexy pouts, fingers, tongues, etc.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sexy pouts, fingers, tongues, etc.

Mila Jovovich's pouting mouth.Megan Fox pouting as if there is no tomorrow.Megan Fox: semi-open mouth with a bit of tongue.Megan Fox pouting with a extra layer of lip-gloss.My juicy lips!Jake Gyllenhaal.Natalie Portman in Interview, September 2009.Emile Hirsch in "The Girl next door".Elisha Cuthbert.Bijou Phillips.Shia Labeouf.Lindsay Lohan.Gwyneth Paltrow.Emmy Rossum.Amanda Seyfried.Angelina Jolie.That's my finger!Ellen Page sticking her blue tongue out in "Juno".Emmy Rossum sticks her pink tongue in a Twitter pic.


Gail said...

I recognized your pretty face before I saw the caption Kendra.

countsheep said...

very hot, and your teeth are so white!

Elena W said...

thank you very much, girls, 'pretty' and 'hot' sure help me to put a smile in my face.