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Monday, June 08, 2009

Top 10 Hot Actors

# 10 - James McAvoy- Our endearing Scot who has such amazing talent, felt he has to express his 'disgust' over Angelina Jolie. But can we blame him if he prefers romancing the likes of Kiera Knightley, Anne Hathaway and Christina Ricci?

Why a #10 ranking: First ever winner of the Orange Rising star award, James McAvoy is already a big name in British cinema before he received acclaim for his role in The Last King of Scotland, opposite eventual Oscar winner, Forest Whitaker.
There was this scene in Atonement when Robbie Turner (McAvoy) encountered a group of massacred adolescent school girls; it was the look on his face captured on screen that kept reminding audiences why he was chosen for the role. As tears flow from his face, he showed emotions that alternate from horror to disgust to despair. It was a short scene but the message was clear, the impact precise. Other notable roles are: As Steve, a nice guy and "prosperous car salesman" in the BBC series Shameless, as Nicholas Garrigan, a Scottish doctor who arrives in Uganda in the early 1970s to serve as dictator Idi Amin's personal physician in The Last King of Scotland and of course, as Robbie Turner in Joe Wright's Atonement.

# 9 - Ryan Gosling- He plays a drug addict but remains an idealist when it comes to the four corners of a High School classroom. He also fell in love with a life-size doll, but instead of looking stupid and silly, he managed to convince moviegoers and get away with it. He played a Nazi jew, a lawyer, lover and more!

Why a #9 ranking: He is the actor that even his peers talk about. He likes to play dark, disturbed characters, but he can also play romantic leads or be an innocent guy who fell in love with a life-size doll. Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling has come a long way from his Disney stint as one of its mousekeeters.
While he has the tendency to ‘hide’ and concentrate on his craft, media can’t seem to get enough of him. Says Gosling:

I hear about actors who become the role and I think 'I wonder what that feels like'. Because for me, they're all me. I relate to these characters because aspects of their personality are like me. And I just turn up the parts of myself that are them and turn down the parts that aren't.

Among his famous roles are: As Noah Calhoun in the romantic-drama The Notebook, opposite former flame Rachel McAdams and as the young Jewish Nazi Danny Balint in The Believer. But perhaps he is best remembered for his portrayal of drug addict/history teacher Dan Dunn in the acclaimed film Half-Nelson.
Gosling & Kirsten Dunst are also set to star in new film "All Good Things", a period love story/murder mystery.

# 8 - Louis Garrel : Our first French matinee idol belongs to a family of artists and in his first screen appearance decided to go naked and romance both Eva Green and Michael Pitt in equal intensity. But that's just a teaser for he has shown he could act alongside some of French cinema's greats and get noticed.Why a #8 ranking: Noted for his breakthrough roles in Bernardo Bertolluci's The Dreamers and Christophe Honoré's "Ma Mere", Louis Garrel is one of Europe's most promising young actors.

Says NY Times critic Mahnola Dargis in her review of Frontier of Dawn, where father and son collaborated:

The younger Mr. Garrel, whose free-flowing tears and beauty were designed for tragedy, never seems to have to work hard to seduce an audience, and the easiness of his charm can make him appear overly callow. But because he wears it lightly, that charm can also seem like a flimsy defense, which in turn invests him with an acute air of vulnerability.

# 7 -Jake Gyllenhaal: He puts on a woman's dress to prove a point. He slams a camera into a vulture's head to prove another. But this young man who made love to Ennis del Mar has earned more than an Oscar nomination, he has proven himself more than capable of becoming an on-screen hero.Movie lovers easily recognize Jake for his intensity and dedication to his roles. Not easily blinded by the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity, he remains true to his craft and continues to play challenging and interesting roles. Says Jake:

Some movies you fall a step behind and some you stay in the same place, make the same choices. And then sometimes there are people who know more than you but show you, and that's the maximum you can hope for - doing that with someone who says, "I like you for what you are, and I want you to be in my picture." I didn't have to fake it or put on a mask - all the resources I had inside me were more than adequate. I don't want to pretend to be something ... I'm not pretending any more to fit somebody's mold. That's a long-winded statement but - why not do what you really think, even if it's a mistake?
Why a #7 ranking: With a talent and instinct beyond his years, Jake Gyllenhaal proves an actor can be both a media celebrity and a critically acclaimed actor. Known for his antics on TV talk shows, Gyllenhaal has charmed his way into the hearts of American audiences.# 5 - Robert Pattinson: He puts himself into this 'gentle' 'fetal like position' to protect himself from the outside world. But then again, he has the guts to portray a gay artist named Dali and a bland, almost fatalistic guy named Art in a movie named How To Be. Is he Hollywood's next golden boy?
Why a #5 ranking: One of the biggest news in December of 2007 was British actor Robert Pattinson being cast as the lead in the much-awaited film Twilight. Twilight is a young adult / horror / fantasy / romance novel written by author Stephenie Meyer, originally published in hardcover in 2005. The story is about seventeen-year-old Isabella Swan, a girl who moves to Forks, Washington and finds her life in danger when she falls in love with vampire Edward Cullen. We reported earlier that the character of Isabella Swan will be portrayed by Kristen Stewart. Pattinson already has a huge following after the Harry Potter film, but he is more than just a pretty face. Beating out a number of hot and rising teen actors for the Twilight role, he definitely aspires to be a great actor someday.

Twilight and its sequel New Moon are not the only feature films for the actor; he also portrayed artist Salvador Dali in Little Ashes and coming up are three more exciting new films, including Unbound Captives and Remember Me.

# 3 - Jamie Bell. He started young and went to win the BAFTA Best Actor for his first movie and perhaps he's the youngest among its esteemed recipients. But the aspiring ballet dancer who dreams of swans and lakes is no more. What we have now is a young man willing to test the boundaries of independent cinema with such energy!.

Why a #3 ranking: He'll soon be working with Steven Spielberg for The Adventures of Tintin, but that's just one of his many accomplishments. Bell has been the most consistent and versatile young actor in cinema today.

Ever since his success in Billy Elliot, Bell has built an impressive acting resume, working with such filmmakers as Peter Jackson, David Gordon Green and Clint Eastwood.
Bell does fine work in MR. FOE in creating a nuanced character out of what could have a one-dimensional part. Bell is so good here because he portrays Hallum not merely as a obsessive mother-loving peeping tom but as a young man on the cusp of adulthood who is wrestling with his issues and interests on the way to becoming a man.

Sheer acting talent and the kind of dedication so uncommon in today’s batch of young actors. Plus, a great sense of humor. Says Bell: “You probably won't see me dance in the movies again unless there’s ‘Moulin Rouge 2' or 'Chicago Returns'.”

# 2 - Ben Whishaw: He smells like no other human being the world has ever known, yet he can kill the likes of Daniel Craig in broad daylight and acts like an authentic Bob Dylan many times over. He also enraptured a gifted filmmaker named Campion and become part of her cast in a masterpiece as sublime and as powerful as the filmmaker's most awarded feature.

Why a #2 ranking: Enjoying the best of both worlds, Ben Whishaw is one actor who has successfully made the transition from theatre to film. After playing Hamlet at the Old Vic in London to much acclaim, Whishaw started doing minor roles until he was chosen to play the perfumer Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in Tom Tykwer’s Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Pitting talents with such veterans as Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman, Whishaw held his own and established a reputation as an actor capable of playing intense, dark, even disturbing characters with integrity and ease.

# 1 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt: He gets himself bloodied from a sexual encounter that's best left unsaid, yet he surprises his audience with a witty, romantic take of a young man desperately in love with someone named Zooey, but even before that, he managed to transform himself into a young, idealistic man out to get the truth behind the murder of someone he used to love.

Why he's ranked #1: With the anticipation for the release of 500 days of Summer building up, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is definitely making the biggest buzz this 2009! Of course, his role in G.I. Joe is perhaps the one getting the biggest buzz. Then there is the news (via Entertainment Weekly) that he's been cast alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page and Cillian Murphy in the next Christopher Nolan film (entitled Inception).

More reasons why: In Greg Arakki’s Mysterious Skin, almost all critics agreed- Levitt is the young actor to watch! Of course, Levitt is no ‘one-movie wonder’, as Brick from director Rian Johnson proves.

We would not be surprised if he plays Spidey or even do a science-fiction-romantic-comedy or perhaps play a murderous psychopathic looking for his next victim".



Anonymous said...

I have to say, you've chosen very well - I couldn;t agree with you more, and your selection is based on talent - not just looks.

Kendra said...

thanks!! looks are not the most important quality for an actor, or it shouldn't be, it's always favorable when good looks add to the acting chops (Jake Gyllenhaal, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, etc.)

andietangerine said...

I love number 10, 9, 8, 7 and 1

I don't like the others (:

Kendra said...

the #7 here is the 1st, our spoiled little boy Jakey, you have really a good taste but no love for Rob Pattinson? welcome, andietangerine!

life size oscar said...

Yeah. Really hot. there is no concrete way to tell what will be the next big thing.

life size oscar said...

Yeah. Really hot. there is no concrete way to tell what will be the next big thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, did anyone notice there are only nine actors? Four is missing....

Kendra said...

Oops, I think I left James Franco out!
thanks for noticing :)