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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sunglasses, hats, shirts, etc.

Jake wearing a grey Scala Fedora on May 25th, 2009.The Fedora hat is a wool felt hat that has a 19-Ligne grosgrain trim, double bow, satin lined, and a bound edge 2 1/2" brim. It also has Scala Leather Sweat, available in

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Withersoon sporting sunglasses and hats convo.Anarchy black/smoke sunglasses.
Christian Bale and his wife Sibi with sunglasses.Kirsten Dunst: sunglasses and hat.Lindsay Lohan adjusting her hat.Johnny Depp, hat and sunglasses.Megan Fox with hat and sunglasses.Leonardo DiCaprio: baseball cap and sunglasses.Zac Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio: beanie/cap and sunglasses.Robert Pattinson: cap and sunglasses.Kristen Stewart wearing sunglasses.There is so much chemistry between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart even their fashion styles copy each other's shirts:Robert Pattinson wearing a "Delicious Vinyl Classic" Men's T-Shirt.Delicious Vinyl Classic Women's T-Shirt, which Kristen Stewart is wearing in the two pics below:
Kristen Stewart wearing a black Urban Outfitter Cropped Cardigan.Urban outfitters BDG Cropped Cardigan.Emma Watson in an ad for Burberrys campaign 2009-2010 Autumn-Winter.Emma Watson is like the British version of Kristen Stewart.
Selma Blair wearing sunglasses while walks on West Hollywood on 1st June 2009.Selma Blair in a photoshoot by Norman Jean Roymens for "Vogue" magazine.Kristen Dunst wearing a Sailor Top jersey.Sailor top Classic jersey. 100% Cotton. Straight cut. Boat neck. Long sleeves. Sizes: XS. S. M. L. Colours: white/royal blue stripes - white/navy blue stripes, available for shopping in

Reese Witherspoon wearing Uggs winter boots.
Reese Witherspoon leaving a gym in Brentwood, on 1st June 2009, carrying Ugg boxes:

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