WEIRDLAND: Robert Pattinson chosen most handsome man

Monday, June 15, 2009

Robert Pattinson chosen most handsome man

"Robert Pattinson devastated the competetion in the Vanity Fair poll for “The Most Handsome Man in the World” with 51% of the vote. His closest competitors were Nacho Figueras, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp; they lagged far behind at 13%, 12% and 7% of the vote respectively.
To see just why he won, check out 23 new pictures of Robert Pattinson from New York today at

Robert Pattinson is our actual sensation, and I think of him as my vampire-crush, because I fell in love mostly with his character Edward Cullen:In his "real" life version, as the almost devoured one by fans-freaks on the "Remember me" set, maybe not pulling a so strong crush, because for me excessive hype uses to ruin my interest. Still, one thing that attracts me from Robert Pattinson is his refined irony and British softness (check below): In Weirdland, the most handsome and most special man in our worldland is Jake Gyllenhaal, not Robert Pattinson. There are still unpopulated remote places in the world where there aren't twilighthysteric hordes, and in those wonderful lands there is more fresh air to breath. It comes up now the comparison hour: Jake and Robert, two semi-blonde, blue-eyed, gabardine gentlemen, otherworldy men.

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