WEIRDLAND: Michael Cera or Shia Labeouf in Facebook movie

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Cera or Shia Labeouf in Facebook movie

"David Fincher is in talks to direct The Social Network (AKA "The Facebook Movie"). Naturally enough, speculation has begun on who could play Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. CNET News was told by "an entertainment industry source" that Michael Cera and Shia LaBeouf are among the top choices.The red hot LaBeouf would seem the more logical choice ... except that he's already set for Money Never Sleeps (AKA Wall Street 2) and has The Associate (based on John Grisham's latest best seller) in development. One's about the financial industry, the other takes place in the legal system; a third movie set in the business world in the next couple of years might prematurely age his star.
Cera might be the better choice. Even though Year One flopped, he was the second banana and doesn't seem to have suffered from the box office fallout. The upcoming Youth in Revolt and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World could cement his appeal, setting him up for a dramatic turn with a very talented director".

"We will admit though, both Cera and LaBeouf would probably make great leads for the project and do pass as Zuckerberg look-wise. Cera could also use a dramatic turn to switch up the monotony of his samey performances, but one thing:
If David Fincher made Jake Gyllenhaal's life a living hell on the set of "Zodiac" (incessant takes, berating him about not bringing his A-game), wouldn't Fincher eat Cera alive?" Source:

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