WEIRDLAND: Jake Gyllenhaal and Leonardo DiCaprio

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jake Gyllenhaal and Leonardo DiCaprio


I: Girrrrll, talk about a total package. Jake G. is such a dreamboat to the max! He’s like a big mug of Sleepytime tea with a quilt and a comfy pillow in front of a fireplace on a snowy eve! He’s been at the top of my list since “Donnie Darko.” I love that he’s a pretty boy without being real obvious about it because he can play brooding and messed up really well too. He’s got sexy hair and a killer smile. And he’s so fit and in shape! It’s like he’s always spotted out running or biking. I bet he drinks a lot of water. He looks good in a suit or dressed casual.
L: Teeeeee. Jake G IS tasty. I enjoy his “aw shucks” face and hair. LOL @ him always exercising. Yes yes! I’m envisioning him climbing off his mountain bike and pouring a bucket of water over his head in slow motion now. He has a very versatile look—he can probably pull off everything, which is super hot.

L: He’s definitely talented; he pulls off his tortured roles oh so well. He doesn’t shy away from dark, controversial roles (you all know what movie I mean). That’s brave of him and I totally approve. His portfolio is made of stuff to be proud of—I can even forgive “Bubble Boy.”

I: I think his portfolio is top drawer! He’s got it all covered. He seems very smart about his movie choices (post-“Bubble Boy”) because I’m sure he’s offered roles left and right. I’d like to see him do some comedy! The lighter side of Jake!

I: Pout! His choices suck because he hasn’t chosen MEMEME! How jealous am I of Reese Witherspoon who has nailed both JG and Ryan P.? Ugh. Remember when Jake G dated Kirsten Dunst forevs? They seemed like a chill couple. Since he’s been with Reese, he seems like, more yuppy and more high-brow. L: I really liked Jake G dating Kirsten Dunst—I thought they seemed like a cute, young, quirky couple that was well matched. I’m not feeling his relationship with Reese either; for some reason, it just doesn’t seem whimsical enough to me. I feel like his career choices are very mature and dark, so I’d like to see him balance that out by dating someone who is—ugh, I don’t want to say “younger” because Reese isn’t old, but yes, she does have two kids, and blah blah. It just seems like a very “grown up” relationship. PERSONALITY: 3.5

L: I’m not sure about his personality! I need more assurance that he’s not going to think we’re all frivolous and shallow. What if he wants to bring Reese and the kids? Oh dear. I need more of his goofy side, plz!

ROMANTIC POTENTIAL: 5I: Sigh, man. I’d be swooning 24/7 if he was my boyf! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I feel like he’d be so fine, I’d feel inadequate, yet he’d make me feel like I was enough for him because he’s so sincere! Pine! I bet he’s a foxy lover to boot.

L: Yeah, I can see Jake.G and his lady love being equals. I bet you wouldn’t have to guess how he feels about you. I just made an inward dolphin noise at the thought of Jake.G on top of me.


I: Leo DiCaprio is gorg! I think it’s safe to say so. His hair has never quite pleased me in his adult years. It was hawt in the ‘90s but he’s like, 30ish and still has teenage boy hair. But still, he’s teen-idoly good-looking with the blond hair and blues and somewhat girly pink lips. I wanted to die for him in “R+J”! I wanted to gaze at him from across a fish tank. I think that’s the hawtest he’s even been in a movie, more so than in “Titanic.”

L: His portfolio has been top drawer from the start. He started off doing serioso movies like “This Boy’s Life” and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” and biew people away. He fell into a teeny phase doing “R&J” and “Titanic” but he managed to escape that unscathed — I think because he never gave interviews to those teen rags.

I: His choices are interesting! First of all, I think it’s cute that he and Tobey Macguire were BFFs as kids and they still are, going to Lakers games together and such. And secondly, you can’t hate on him for dating smoking fine supermodels. I mean, he’s Leo DiCaprio.L: Leo doesn’t just date models–he ONLY dates models. And then he’s actually monogamous, right? That’s hawt. He should totally do that for the rest of his life. This is like a Matthew McConaughey thing where only he can get away with such antics.I: Yes, Leo’s a modelizer and it’s okay because he himself if sew fine. If it were like, Kevin Smith or some ugly sack dating models, I’d feel bad for him because you know she just wants his money. But Leo can do what he wants.

L: As for personality, I’d want him at the Ultimate Party! I can’t see what he’d really be dewing though, but he’s definitely bolstering the party’s good name. Maybe he’s hitting on the models by the bar. Hmm?

I: What about as a lovah? He seems loyal to his hawt chicks! I’d be super intimidated, fersher though. I don’t know if I could hang onto him".


clairex said...

Leo looks very good, but I prefer Jake, mostly for personality-wise, good post :)

Kendra said...

thanks, and I agree, Claire, Leo is physically almost perfect, with an angellic face and blue sky eyes, but he doesn't have the same spark and funny vibe as Jake!!

Anonymous said...

i really am in love with leo
he's just os perfect.i can't live without him....

Anonymous said...

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