WEIRDLAND: Happy 23rd birthday, Shia Labeouf!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy 23rd birthday, Shia Labeouf!

Happy 23rd birthday, Shia Labeouf!

“I know I’m one of the luckiest dudes in America right now,” LaBeouf says. “I have a great house. My parents don’t have to work. I’ve got money. I’m famous. But it could all change, man. It could go away. You never know.”

Shia LaBeouf (pronounced SHY-uh La-BUFF) is the biggest box-office star of his generation. His new movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is expected to push the worldwide total of his film grosses over $3 billion.
He could very well lose everything, as other young stars have, his career wrecked by self-indulgence and arrogance. LaBeouf comes from an unconventional family with a history of addiction. He is aware, he says, of how disproportionate movie success is to actual achievement and how easy it is to be overwhelmed by a skyrocketing career.
“I don’t handle fame well,” LaBeouf says. “Most actors on most days don’t think they’re worthy. I have no idea where this insecurity comes from, but it’s a God-sized hole. If I knew, I’d fill it, and I’d be on my way.” “I’m still doing the same hustle now,” he continues. “The only change is that, instead of my dad selling hot dogs from the cart, it’s Steven Spielberg selling the hot dogs.” Spielberg has been the producer of LaBeouf’s major films".

"Paramount gives access to an exclusive sneak peek to Revenge of the Fallen if you purchase Transformers on Blu-ray or DVD beginning Tuesday, June 16. Made available on a secure micro-site through an access code from the back of the Exclusive Sneak Peek sticker on the DVD package or via BD-Live, the footage includes the following:

-Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Sneak Peek — Footage from the new film
-From the set of Revenge of the Fallen: Day 1 — An exclusive inside look at the first day of shooting
-From the set of Revenge of the Fallen: A Day in the Shade — A comical look at the differences between Megan and Shia’s on-set treatment
-Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes from Transformers
-Fly on the Set: Pentagon — On the set filming of the Pentagon Military Command Center
-Music and Mayhem — Renowned special effects house ILM deconstructs the blockbuster action of Transformers
-Metal in Motion — Special effects tests and early robot animation
-Stunts 101 — An in-depth look at the amazing stunts in Transformers
-Choose Your Weapon — A fly on the wall glimpse into the selection of weapons and how they were used by the film’s soldiers
-The Man in the Ice — From design to production, watch the Arctic come to life on various sets in Los Angeles, California
-Voices — The voices behind the Autobots and Decepticons
Audition Tapes: Megan Fox — Megan’s original Transformers audition

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