WEIRDLAND: Catherine Hardwicke wants to reunite her actors

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Catherine Hardwicke wants to reunite her actors

“We’ve got ‘Maximum Ride’ ” she said. “That’s a really wild, big-action fantasy film with bird kids. Then I have a cool project at Overture with Emile Hirsch that’s a modern retelling of ‘Hamlet’ — a very radical version. And then at Summit, we have ‘If I Stay,’ which is another really nice novel that we’re adapting.”
According to Hardwicke, she’s planning to solicit Pattinson and/or Stewart for roles in the fantasy films “Ride” and “Stay.”“Some of the projects I’m doing, they would be in a completely different world — actually, sometimes even in a different time period,” Hardwicke said of the two films, which could return Stewart and Pattinson to the young-adult-fantasy realm that made them famous. “That would be fun. I’d love to do a number on them and transform them.”

“Maximum Ride” is based on a series of James Patterson novels telling the story of six teens who are genetically altered to become part bird and part human. “If I Stay” seems particularly suitable for Stewart, since it tells the story of a 17-year-old musician named Mia.
A huge fan of music, KStew will soon play Joan Jett in the film “The Runaways.”

Recently, Hardwicke took MTV for a rare tour inside her house, where she cast Stewart and Pattinson after a particularly sultry audition on her bed. And while speaking to us Sunday night, she once again marveled at how far the duo have come since those early days". Source:

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