WEIRDLAND: Sean Penn divorces Robin

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sean Penn divorces Robin

"Actor Sean Penn filed for “legal separation” from his wife Robin Wright Penn after 13 years of marriage Friday.

The couple are no stranger to break ups and make ups. Penn filed for divorce back in 2007, according to a report in Us magazine, but the petition was later dismissed. Just 3 days later, Wright Penn, 43, filed for divorce.

But in April of last year, the couple requested that authorities dismiss their petition.

It seemed the two Hollywood heavyweights were intent upon reconciling, even attending the Oscars together in February where Penn took home his second Academy Award for his performance in the film “Milk”.
Sean Penn with Jake Gyllenhaal 2009 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, on 22th February, L.A.
Sean Penn with Emile Hirsch.


dolls like us said...

I hope they either work there way through there problems or come up with a way that is fair to both of the children joint custody were the children are shared with both parents.

Kendra said...

Welcome to Weirdland, doll!!

I liked Sean Penn an Robin as couple, but I always thought their relationship was a bit like they had in "Hurlyburly", where Sean's character was a narcissist (doing lines since morning first hours) and Robin's was an ice queen. Sean Penn flirted in a scene with Meg Ryan's character (a stripper) and asked for her a blowjob (although inside him pain was ripping him apart because he felt Robin's character didn't love him). Of course, in real life I believe Robin is a warm sweet woman and a competent actress whose career has been eclipsed partially for her duties in the marriage. I don't think Sean as half as narcissist or a douche as the media are painting him. Anyway, he shouldn't deny Robin her deserved pension.