WEIRDLAND: Robert Pattinson interviewed by Total Film

Monday, April 27, 2009

Robert Pattinson interviewed by Total Film

[Rob] In an ideal world, people would always be searching out those tiny art films but it’s nice that Twilight fans are looking forward to Little Ashes. I wanted to do it to break down what I thought I could do, but Dali is incredibly self-conscious throughout the movie so I thought all the nude scenes and stuff worked with me being nervous anyway.
Nude scenes! Although, are you saying your first on-screen sex scene is with a bloke?

[Rob] We both refused to shave before doing it…

This is a big turn-on… Wait, err… what?

[Rob] …It’s very uncomfortable in terms of scratching each other with our stubble – it made me feel sorry for women!

Stubble. On your face. Riiiight… So can we talk about Twilight sequel New Moon?
[Rob] Edward and Bella’s reunion in New Moon is good. It’s different from the book so I think people will be happy. This movie will have a very different mood. In visual terms it’s going to be so different from Twilight. It’s also a lot scarier. Chris [Weitz, New Moon director] is very willing to go down that route.

So, are they going to tie you up in that harness again for the sequel?

[Rob] Luckily, I just have to get beaten up in this one!

And then we could tend to you, stroke your hair and gaze into your eyes until you can walk again. Wait. Where are you going? Robert!! Where’s that wine?!?

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