WEIRDLAND: Glamorous Smoking

Monday, April 13, 2009

Glamorous Smoking

Robert Pattinson and Kat Dennings posing for Entertainment Weekly issue of November, 2008, photographed by Chris Craymer.Kat Dennings smoking in "Charlie Bartlett" (2008).Robert Pattinson, cocky-asleep smoking.
Kristen Stewart gives her friend Nikki Reed a drag.Heath Ledger with a cigarette and Jake in "Brokeback Mountain" (2005).Shannyn Sossamon holding her cigarette.Eva Green smoking.Lauren Bacall with her cigarette lit.James Dean holding a cigarette.Willa Holland smoking.Kristen Dunst, Carl Sagan and cigarettes.Jena Malone holding a cigarette.Ryan Phillippe biting a cigarette.Leonardo DiCaprio holding a cigarette.Emile Hirsch smoking in "Alpha Dog" (2006).


kaja said...

i love this blog! i'm subscribing! haha. awesome pics of rob and kristen! haha.

Kendra said...

Thanks a lot, you are welcome, Kaja!
I've added a link to your blog, too :)

The_Brain said...

I love Kat Dennings. In the first picture she looks like a character straight from "The Adams Family"

Kendra said...

Yes, The Brain, you're right!
Kat looks here Morticia of The Addams Family, so gothic and pale, lol

Kendra said...

interesting, I'll check it out!
welcome to Weirdland, Burcu :)