WEIRDLAND: Romantic holiday to Egypt?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Romantic holiday to Egypt?

"While Reese Witherspoon no doubt enjoyed a Valentine's gift or two from Jake Gyllenhaal, the Hollywood actress can look forward to an even more romantic treat. Mandrake hears that the couple, who did not confirm that they were a couple until November, are to be taken on a romantic holiday to Egypt amid rumours that Gyllenhaal may be planning to propose"."I was asked to organise the trip for Reese Witherspoon and her boyfriend", said Geoffrey Kent, the founder of Abercrombie & Kent, at the opening of the company's private travel office at Harrods. "They will go everywhere by private jet and cram as much as possible in. That means Luxor, the Pyramids and possibly a private viewing of the newly discovered Saqqara mummy. They are going to stay in the best hotels and the idea is that it will be quite an experience."

Gyllenhaal, 28, lived in Notting Hill with Miss Witherspoon, 32, while filming Prince of Persia. His only distraction was, as I disclosed last August, that he was the subject of a "stalker alert" at Ealing Studios after a note praising him as an object of romantic passion was slipped under a trailer door.

The woman who was working at Ealing at the same time as the actor is said to have been banned from the celebrated studios for life after expressing her feelings for him.

The woman, who was believed to have been an employee of Slingshot productions, posted a Mills & Boon-type note on the wall in her office praising Gyllenhaal as an object of romantic passion". Source:


Anonymous said...

They will be killed over there. Egypt is a country whose have lot of FundamentalistMuslin. They hate americans and they think that it isn't advantage to have these kind of Hollywood garbage in their territorry to give bad example for society. They make public sex in airplanes and they do another thing without good level.
It is better these americans stay in USA and enjoy there own country. Over there they can dirty everywhere and the american people will acept every dirty or clean kind of money.

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherpoon are tipical american ignorant people.
Americans haven't any kind of culture because they come from people whose was prostitute or robbers in old Europa. They are descendent of garbage of old Europa!
Egypt civilization is for people whose have culture and can understand what they watch in these country.
Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal can understand absolutely these country because they aren't christ too. The cristianism have influence of old egypt. They haven't any kind of culture and they can't understand another culture like the islam too...

Anonymous said...

It is better for these two Hollywood prostitutes stay at home in USA. Jake gyllenhaal work as toyboy and babysiter. Reese Witherspoon enjoy the sex with him until he is young because later when he will be old, the sexual potence will be more difficult to have successiful sex these old women with celulite and big chin!

Kendra said...

wow, anonymous, just relax, ok?
Or is that you know all the people in Egypt? I don't think so, we should leave Egyptian people judge a couple of actors, I know Egypt has a culture, also Europe and U.S.A. have their culture, we should respect each other's cultures, methinks.
I think your last attacks towards Reese and Jake are ridiculously malicious and childish. An actor/actress isn't a prostitute, and if you strecht it, everybody could be considerated a prostitute in some ways. Some say everybody has a prize, although we cannot generalize. You know what did Allen Ginsgberg say once? That everybody is a prostitute, the only difference is the prize (lower or higher) Have you watched "Easy Rider"? We all live in a global market, start to read and get over your handicapped line of thought, thankyou.