WEIRDLAND: Top 10 Hunks of 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top 10 Hunks of 2008

Entertainment Today's list of Top 10 Hunks of 2008.
1. Robert Pattinson
2. Zac Efron
3. Tony Romo
4. Reggie Bush5. Shia LaBeouf
6. Adam Rodriguez
7. Chris Pine8. James Franco
9. Jay Hernandez
10. Simon Baker

Are they insane? How they dare to forget Jake again in another hunks top list? Let's take a look at a real hunk:


Xenia said...

Hollywood changes its icons as fast as Paris Hilton changes her boyfriends...;)
But Jake is a talented actor first and foremost and I hope he will top any list that really counts for many years to come...

BTW, no Joseph Gordon Levitt, no Emile Hirsch in that damn list? What's wrong with you, people? >:(

Kendra said...

I agree with James Franco and Robert Pattinson, Shia is cute (although he can be annoying) and Jay Hernandez made a lovely couple with Kirsten Dunst in "Crazy/Beautiful" but Zach Efron is too of a mannequin for my taste.

The rest of the list could be replaced by real attractive men (I don't understand the sportmen's appeal) like you said, Joe Gordon-Levitt, Emile Hirsch, Ryan Gosling, James McAvoy, Michael Cera, Anton Yelchin, etc.

BirdGirl said...

These lists are always rediculous. It is all about magazine sales. We will see where most of these people are this time next year. Except Jimmy Franco. I love him.

Oh and I can't stand Shia. He makes me sick to my stomach. Awww but you guys are so right about Joesph Gorden Levitt. He is so sexy in such an unconventional way. It helps that he is so talented. I don't even have to tell you how I feel about Mr Hirsch.

Kendra said...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is mesmerizing (and VERY intelligent!), sorry for Shia but I don't find him sexy (he seems bratty and immature).

James Franco seems so adorable (I like his smile!), Emile is incredibly sexy and charming...
and Jake is the man lol

BirdGirl said...

Shia also has a very arrogant quality. And am not really too fond of his homophobic ways. That was when I pretty much decided he was scum to me. And has any one else noticed that he plays the same character in every movie?

Jake is sex! He oozes it!

Kendra said...

I always found so funny nicknaming Jake "The Sex", SO appropriate for him!

Shia has this irritating attitude (cocky, driving drunk, etc.) which is a big turn-off for me. He's like a kid playing to be a man (unlike Jake, Joe, Emile, etc, who are and look like men). His acting range isn't the widest, either!