WEIRDLAND: Wise teeth

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wise teeth

I had my wise teeth removed, but my front teeth had already juxtaposed slightly, if you remember what Michael Cera told David Letterman about his jaw, my jaw suffered for a while, too. Anyway, this didn't affect his delightful gamosmile, before the wisdom teeth troubles:and after dental surgery:


GAIL said...

Kendra you have a very lovely smile old and new. Thank You for all the Prince of Persia links earlier in the week, they were so great. Looks like a lot of hard work. I appreciate it so much. Do you know if they are going to put what appears to be a scar on Prince Jake's face? Is that a scar I see kind of hidden by the scarf? Gee I don't want them to mar Jake's gorgeuos face!!!

Kendra said...

Awww, thank you, Gail!

I appreciate your compliments, yes it's been a long week with many new trailers... I hope they don't put scars on Jake's face, although I'm all for proper characterization, remember "Bubble Boy" or "Jarhead"!