WEIRDLAND: Jake Weird 2nd Anniversary!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jake Weird 2nd Anniversary!!

This is the second anniversary of Jake Weird, do you remember the first one?
We're here again at this point, weirdos, we were meant to be, we keep on connecting here in Weirdland! As a little tribute to my site watch this video (Jake is the star, Jake Weird is the galaxy), enjoy it!!


Xenia said...

2 years...damn...:)

Happy Jake Weird 2nd Anniversary, Kendra!
You're doing a wonderful job with your blog and I consider myself one Proud Weirdo.

Keep it comin'! :)

clairex said...

Your blog is better every day, keep it up!

Kendra said...

Thank you, girls!!
I'm celebrating it with an usual ritual (listening to weird rock and sipping a diet coke with lemon, and a bag of popcorn is in the oven). You make the journey worthy ;)

Gail said...

Happy Anniversary Kendra. I have been lurking here and checking in from time to time for most of those two years. Thank You Girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary Jake Weird and Kendra!! You remind me of good old times..! XX
Penny Lane

Kendra said...

You are very welcome, Gail! and Penny Lane I missed you these days ;)
my pleasure having all of you here


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I love Jake and love coming here to see news, pictures ans stuff about him. Thanks for the video.

Kendra said...

^^thank you! glad you liked the video!

countsheep said...

Happy anniversary, Jake Weird rules!!

Kendra said...

thank you, countsheep!!