WEIRDLAND: Sexy Hoodies

Friday, May 02, 2008

Sexy Hoodies

Jake as Donnie in "Donnie Darko" (2001). Ellen Page as Hayley Stark in "Hard Candy" (2005).

Both, Donnie and Hayley seem to share a bitter dark vision of their world around them, both wear hoodies, Donnie's is gray, Hayley's is red. Both characters become saviours through their stories.

Maggie Gyllenhaal wearing a pink hoodie.Ryan Gosling as Leland in "The United States of Leland" (2003). Shia Labeouf wearing a blue cordless hoodie.

Ryan and Shia appeared in this previous entry "Four young actors" along with Jake and Joe Gordon-Levitt in similar shots.
In this another more recent post these four young actors appeared again in a list with more promising upcoming actors, being one of them Michael Cera. Michael can rival with Jake in hoodie-love. Both wear their hooded sweatshirts in a nonchalantly sexy way. Check them out:

Michael Cera as Evan in "Superbad" (2007).
Michael Cera as Bleeker in "Juno" (2007).


Xenia said...

Ah Kendra, you're killing me with all those Jake-wearing-a-hoodie-in-a-sexy-nonchalant-way pics!! :)

A hoodie has not been just a hoodie anymore since I watched Donnie Darko.

And OMG how young is Ryan Gonsling in that pic...

I like that Michael Cera guy, and I'm glad to announce you next week I'm going to watch Juno, finally!!

Kendra said...

Congrats, Xenia! Michael Cera is great as Paulie Bleeker, the clueless Juno's part-time lover/full-time friend, too bad his screen time is short, and yes I think hoodies as well as jeans, flatter everyody and make them seem younger.