WEIRDLAND: Blue cap and other head "tocados"

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blue cap and other head "tocados"

September 16 - Leaving August Restaurant In NYC.
Jake as the Jarhead Santa.Sarah Roemer.Rose McGowan.Jennifer Aniston.Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka.Vanessa Paradis.Nora Zehetner.Lauren Bacall.Kirsten Dunst.Mena Suvari.Emmy Rossum.Drew Barrymore.Reese Witherspoon.Rachel McAdams.Marilyn Monroe.


gr77 said...

I love the dark atmosphere of Sarah's photo.
And Kirsten is always a doll!!

Kendra said...

That picture of Sarah Roemer is one of my favourites. Kirsten wears her hats graciously. And I like goofy hats as Willy Wonka's.