WEIRDLAND: Dunst and Williams

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dunst and Williams

Like Heath Ledger and close friend Michelle Williams, Spider-Man's gal pal Kirsten Dunst has recently bought a place in New York in a bid to escape the paparazzi fish bowl.
It's better there,'' she told film writer Vicky Roach, comparing her treatment with life in Los Angeles.
Williams, who was nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar for her performance in Brokeback Mountain, is to star in Dunst's directorial debut.
"Acting is only one of my passions,'' said Dunst on the eve of Spider-Man 3's worldwide release on May 3.

"I'm directing my first short this summer. It's a ghost story.''

Dunst, who turns 25 on Monday, is writing her own screenplay - based on a letter. Source: From "The Daily Telegraph".

Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams as Betsy and Arlene in the comedy "Dick" (1999).


gr77 said...

I thought the paparazzi situation was much worse in NY than in LA!?

Anyway, it's very exciting news about Kirsten's directorial debut, even if Michelle Williams is starring.I find her very annoying

Kendra said...

Why does Michelle seem annoying to you, gr77?

gr77 said...

I think she's a bit of a hypocrite.She and Heath go to all the events/award shows together,posing for photos holding hands and looking at each other's eyes,etc, but then she snaps at reporters who ask if she's married.I don't get that behaviour.
And she always has this pissed of look in her face in photos,I mean candid photos where she doesn't know she's being photographed,I would understand it if she had some paparazzo in her face

Anyway, there are very few people I don't like and she's definitely on that list :p

Kendra said...

Alongside Hillary Swank, Jennifer Aniston...? lol Well, we all feel fed up with some celebrities and their antics. Michelle did a great job in "Brokeback mountain" but she is as if she had changed after her Oscar nomination, in Dawson Creek she was such a normal with meat on her body girl!

gr77 said...

Haha,you know me too well,Kendra!!
Jennifer Aniston,Hilary Swank and Angelina Jolie are the top 3 in my "black list" :p

asim said...

nice pic

Kendra said...

Angelina grates on my nerves too! and I'm having a no-no vibe to Katie Holmes.

gr77 said...

I like Katie Holmes but feel sorry for her every time I see a photo of hers with Tom Cruise.
She is a sweet girl and talented actress but she became like a robot since she met him