WEIRDLAND: Rachel Bilson is single

Monday, December 18, 2006

Rachel Bilson is single

12% (273 votes)
Forget Jake and Reese - I think Jake and Rachel should hook up.

18% (409 votes)
She should totally hook up with James Franco.

8% (188 votes)
I always thought she should date the other hot OC guy Ben McKenzie.

2% (53 votes)
I vote for Rachel to hook up with Hayden Christensen while they're working on their new movie.

12% (274 votes)
Other - I have a better idea I'll leave in the comments below.

2% (47 votes)
I'm still mourning Adam and Rachel's break up and just want them to get back together.

47% (1087 votes)
Total votes: 2331


Simon Agent 002 said...

so is Adam Brody.

gr77 said...

good point simon ;)

about rachel, i'm sorry but i don't like her very much,lookswise (is that a word?).she looks like a mouse to me :p

Anonymous said...

She should be with Hayden. :D

penny lane said...

Should I know who she is..?

Kendra said...

^^No, if you don't want to. She is mostly a TV actress, she is Summer in The O.C. series and her most popular film is The last kiss, starred by Zach Braff. And Simon: Adam Brody is cute like a puppy but attractive so-so, I don't see any special in Rachel either.

Simon Agent 002 said...

"Should I know who she is..? "

^That's exactly what I said.
I had to look her up.


Kendra , this is another relationship in which the question hangs....
Who will have custody of the dogs?

jacknastygirl said...

Simon, LOL...