WEIRDLAND: Kirsten not preggers

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Kirsten not preggers

Washington, Dec 8 (ANI):

"Hollywood star Kirsten Dunst has laughed off rumors that she is pregnant.

The Spiderman star left Hollywood watchers speculating about her impending motherhood after she was not only spotted wearing baggy clothing and ordering big boxes of sweet chocolaty treats, but also overheard complaining of lower back pain and nausea during filming of ‘Spiderman 3’.

Adding fuel to the fire was also Dunst’s reported interest in actor Toby Maguire’s newborn daughter, as well her curiosity about how Maguire’s fiancée, Jennifer Meyer, dealt with morning sickness.

However, her spokesman was adamant that Dunst was not expecting her first child. "Kirsten is not pregnant," ContactMusic quoted her, as saying.

The actress had been linked with actor Andy Sandberg earlier this year, and reportedly dating Orlando Bloom from October

after her split up with her long time boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.

Dunst will soon be seen on the big screen when she reprises her role as Mary Jane Watson opposite co-star Toby Maguire in ‘Spiderman 3’.


Gail said...

Hey Kendra, When was that last photo taken? Jake is looking so sweetly at that baby. He will be an awesome Dad.

Kendra said...

This is one the great "Awwww" pics, isn't it? It's from a serie of photos taken on 29th July 2003 in a London café. Jake is showing such a paternal instinc here.

The Bearded Lady said...

I think she makes this statement every 4 mos.

Kendra said...

Yes, I've read similar articles before, but Kirsten is still very young to be a mom.

The Bearded Lady said...

Those cafe pics are some of the best ones of them together. (anyone together for that matter)

If Mom was smart she'd hand the baby to Kirsten , then make eyes at Jake.

penny lane said...

TBL, if you are a fan of Jake and Kirsten together, you should go to the IHJ Media Section and under Various Events, 2004, there are a bunch of photos of them at 'The Day After Tomorrow UK Premiere Afterparty' (under that headline)- I am surprised I have never seen them mentioned anywhere really; some are just awwwwwww. But as I was saying: only for fans! (And they are not paparazzi pics).

gr77 said...

of all the ridiculous rumors i've heard this must be the worst!!
but it's always lovely to see a pic of jake and kirsten.thanks kendra ;)