WEIRDLAND: Golden Globe for Maggie?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Golden Globe for Maggie?

"I know a lot of people who were nominated. I wrote to Penelope (Cruz) and told her I was gonna kick her ass!" Maggie Gyllenhaal joked. "I don't know Judi Dench, but I'd like to." After a wrenching performance as a drug addict in "Sherrybaby,"

the best actress drama nominee feels that the accolade comes near the end of a long road she has taken with the film. "It's such a teeny, tiny movie, and it felt like I worked so hard to get it made, distributed and seen that it means so much," she said.

Brother Jake heard the news and rushed to her home in Los Angeles, where she is staying while fiance Peter Sarsgaard is out working. The news comes at a time when Gyllenhaal has her hands full. "I have a new baby, I'm nursing, answering the phone and trying to put on makeup for TV interviews, wondering if I can nurse her before I get down the hill," she said in mock exasperation. "My brother is trying to get me to eat."


Maggie has been nominated in the "Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama" category. Her competitors are:

Penélope Cruz for "Volver"

Judi Dench for "Notes on a scandal"

Helen Mirren for "The Queen"

and Kate Winslet for "Little children".


The Bearded Lady said...

Since I've seen none of these performances, so I feel totally qualified to pick the victorious.
My process involves geometric charts, moon positions,solor flare intensity.

Reasoning goes as follows:

Penélope Cruz: Sorry dear, you just look too movie starlet here. Look for a role where your grotesquely ugly, tone down the teeth, they blind me.

Judi Dench : No dice, It's just too much exposure...she gets all the recognition, all the time. Judy Dench this, Judy Dench that, Judy Judy Judy...
Except this time.

Kate Winslet : Still haven't forgiven her for Titanic, nor wish to.

Helen Mirren : Ah, this is a high probability...did I tell you my Grandmother had a dog named "Queenie"?
When she wagged her little tail, hearts melted.

Maggie Gyllenhaal : Don't know that Dench woman do you?...But she'll certainly remember you, as you are walking past her to accept.
Watch, as she may try to trip you.

^Did I mention I'm biased?

penny lane said...

TBL, what can we add to that?!!
Your explanation why Maggie should win sounds perfectly reasonable to me..! Have not seen any of these movies myself either.
Am keeping fingers crossed for Maggie (and doesn't that brother of hers sound oh so sweet..?).

Kendra said...

It's a good moment to be biased, Tbl, the race to the Oscars imo starts here with the prestigious Golden Globes, and I hope at heart this race concludes in an Oscar nomination. I think it would be in all fairness to Maggie, and since she wasn't lucky with "Secretary", this time she could equal his brother gettin a nomination. Of course the real importance of Maggie's acting is delivered in "Sherrybaby" -I need to watch it badly, although here in Spain the film doesn't have any official release date yet

The Bearded Lady said...

Well lets keep the internet buzz going to the best of our abilitys...for "Sherrybaby"?

I'm feeling disloyal to Helen Mirren but, if I have to choose....sorry Helen your movie already has much buzz...

The Bearded Lady said...

^ and yes Jake is sweet. Damn it...he never make it easy for me.

penny lane said...

From an ad in Premiere magazine, some more praise for Maggie in Sherrybaby.

"One of the most authentic and moving journeys the movies have offered this year! Maggie Gyllenhaal is such a miracle of an actress...Your heart opens up and bleeds for her. Emotionally arresting!" (Entertainment Weekly)

"Extraordinary! There's no actor vanity in this." (The NYTimes)

"You can't take your eyes off her." (NY Daily News)

"This was a fantastic film...Gyllenhaal is to me, probably the most BRAVE, RAW, POWERFUL actress of her generation." (Aisha Tyler, Guest Critic, Ebert & Roeper)

gr77 said...

this is good news.not that awards really mean anything but i'm glad maggie is getting the recognition she deserves.don't see her getting the GG though.She has huge competition from Helen Mirren

Kendra said...

"This was a fantastic film...Gyllenhaal is to me, probably the most BRAVE, RAW, POWERFUL actress of her generation." (Aisha Tyler, Guest Critic, Ebert & Roeper)

I'll second these accolades, Penny Lane, thanks for the source, and gr77, I'm afraid that Helen Mirren will win the Golden Globe. The Queen Elizabeth II is a powerful historic character in a film by prestigious Stephen Frears. That will be pretty difficult to beat.

The Bearded Lady said...

"not that awards really mean anything"

^Agreed, but it does matter to the extent, as Kendra has pointed out, it would set this film up for serious Oscar consideration,and keep it playing longer at the movie theaters, increasing attendance, box office and not the least, Ms. Gyllenhaal's salary per picture.

But between you and me the Oscars are joke now ...esp. after last year, in my book.
It's 70% politics 30% merit ...they are in the process of becoming meaningless,and losing prestige, viewership, here has been down for a number of years.

gr77 said...

i think the oscars were always a joke.i foolishly get emotionally involved everytime there's a film or actor that i adore but if we look at the history of the academy's decisions..well, they're quite ridiculous.
but not just the oscars.i don't like the idea of awards in general,especially in can we compare films,performances,etc and chose just one whiner in a given year?

Kendra said...

Almost everyone I know watch the Oscar ceremony just for the dressing parade on the red carpet and the jokes the host tells. I find some of the winners speeches annoying. The overall atmosphere is too frivolous for my taste.

jacknastygirl said...

I have read that Queen likes "The Queen" and invited them to her palace

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jake. Always looking out for your sister. :-*